Creating a supportive culture, improving awareness, and understanding of wellbeing, reducing stigma around mental ill health. Developing a resilient and productive workforce.


Working collaboratively to develop a whole school approach to increase mental health and wellbeing understanding through supportive practice.


Developing the personal strategies and skills to maintain good mental health and wellbeing through your life journey.

Nullam Wellbeing is passionate about improving the mental health and wellbeing of all. Our GRIT Programme supports a whole organisation approach through development of policy, practice and bespoke training programmes.

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We believe there are four key pillars that influence the ethos, culture and practice of an organisation. Key to a truly emotionally healthy organisation is one where all these pillars support a collaborative, impactful and positive working environment.

The Four Key Pillars

  • LeadershipLeadership who believe in the value of a healthy environment & develop, embed & review a wellbeing policy; tackle the causes of workplace stress; understand the impact of personal issues on wellbeing support & train managers to support their teams.
  • CommunicationCommunication between all in the community that is effective; all stakeholders feel included and involved; barriers are removed & managers are trained in communication skills.
  • CommunityCommunity knowledge and understanding of local issues and the impacts of these issues; use of the available local support services, working jointly with external agencies and companies.
  • CultureA culture that ensures a healthy and safe environment all stakeholders; everyone feels respected and valued; promoting a healthy work-life balance.